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Tarot Reading, Energy Work, Dream Interpretation

Intuitive readings from a Libra Witch - honest, sassy and insightful Tarot, right to your door.

See me on Skype or face to face - to enable you to tap into your inner wisdom and hang out with your higher self.


Hello, there!

 I am Amelia of Amber-Lee Alchemy-  a Tarot reader, illustrator, energy worker, aspiring writer and full time astrology enthusiast- living and working in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland. 

I have been reading and studying the cards for 19 years, reading for friends for 11 years and reading for clients for 6 years. It has been an incredible journey so far, I have been lucky enough to learn a lot from my peers and I've had some great teachers. Every person that has come to see me, be it for an energy treatment, a reading or just for some spiritual chat; has brought something new and vibrant to my work. I love doing what I do!

Astrology is a passion of mine and I use natal charts to work deeper in my readings sometimes. It is a part of my practice that I value immensely and is such a vast topic of study and discussion that I am learning more about it all the time. 

I will be adding to weekly/monthly astrology and tarot blog posts on this page, as well as some samples of my illustration work. Creative outlets and intuition work hand in hand for me so I wanted to create this space to gather all of those artistic and cerebral facets into one saucy, painty, chewy, handy, funny, messy and real place.


Tarot Reading (1hr)


Card readings to help you to navigate the deeper workings of your own mind. Tarot can be a wonderful tool for helping you to step back and view your situation as a whole, enabling you to make mindful and more grounded decisions about the next best step for you.
These sessions are also available on Skype! I see amazing clients from all over the world using Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp - drop me a message and we'll find something that works for you.

Energy Work (1hr)


Hot hands energy work to help your body find it's own unique balance. Space clearing, guided meditation and energetic cord cutting all available.


Dream Interpretation (1hr)


A chance to unpick your subconscious using symbols, guides and your own associations. We talk through your experiences and feelings to decode your dreams together and discuss any messages that might be waiting for you!

Groups, Couples and Teaching


I love reading for groups and offer a rate based on how many attending - the larger the group, the shorter the readings but the lower the price. A Tarot reader in the corner makes for a quirky addition to any hen party or birthday bash! (e.g. 10 guests- 2hrs £100).

Couples are lots of fun to read for too, although it is important that you decide between you if you would like to be present during each others readings- privacy and respect are key (1.5hrs - £50).

If you are interested in my group day courses or would like to book in for lessons in intuitive Tarot reading- please do get in touch via email and we can have a chat about the next steps.


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