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Hello Mercury, my old friend..

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

It's that time again but in the interest of being a bad ass and having spent a year waving my fists at the night sky in despair at the cruelty of the 2018 cosmic disco- I think I've earned the right to start a new blog/web page in the throes of Mercury in Retrograde.

Sign no contracts, lock up your phone screens and get super clear about what you want to say before you say it. Every single client and friend I speak to during Merc in Retro seems to be dodging the risen zombies of partners past (that instead of 'braaains' say things like 'I miss yoooou' or 'I'm sad, can you caalll?'), or has made one throwaway comment too many to a delicate friend-with disastrous consequences.

Communication becomes sticky and difficult, old triggers you thought had been addressed come back to haunt you and technology is not your friend - all of this to the soundtrack of an ex lovers favourite song that has managed to follow you to three different shops already - but fear not! There are ways and ways to deal with this planetary palooza and (laptop permitting) I've popped a list of tips and ideas below...

* It's Pisces season so for the love of all things PLEASE find a way to take a lot of baths. It will seriously make all the difference, just trust me on this one.

* Take 3 long, slow breaths each time some electronic gadget gives up the ghost this month - logic and reason are also struggling to fire the right neurons in the communication chaos, that pause for air gives them just enough time to kick into gear and solve the problem without you putting your foot through it(or at least call the repair company.. * Read more books, not screens. Your eyes will thank you, your brain will love a different distraction. Read to each other, it will be a laugh and leaves less time for you to trigger each other wildly.

* Take extra care if you are traveling this month, look both ways before you cross the road and make back up plans for your travel options. There is every chance that over the next few weeks, even the best laid plans are

destined to go slightly awry. This is a nice lesson in relinquishing a little control over the world around you - try

if you can, to loosen the reins a touch and see where the changes to your desired schedule lead.

* Mercury loves new music, treat yourself to listening to something that isn't attached to another time, place or relationship- it will be a welcome relief.

* You get to choose who you interact with - which dynamic you decide to be a part of and how you maintain yourself within that dynamic are entirely up to you. It may be that these people and situations are appearing to you now to be dealt with up front and unmissable. Remember that they might also be appearing as a cautionary tale- use your intuition when you can this month and if you are uncertain of which path to take, have a picnic at the crossroads instead for a bit.

* You will almost certainly be feeling a sense of weighty tiredness just now - so sleep is an incredibly cheap and effective way to manage during this retrograde. It will be tempting to burn every candle at every end to power through and get things done, but this is not sustainable. Pay attention to your body and stop when you need to.

Good luck out there, kittens and pups - Only 18 days to go - You've got this! A x

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