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Cut Out and Keep #001

I currently share my home with my favourite Taurean - and astrology being what it is , of course he's an Antique Book Dealer (what else)! After a good few years of bachelor bliss, the energy at his place was aching for some change when I moved in.

Due to the nature of his work, there are some very beautiful, elderly, papery objects around and just begging to instantly absorb the smokey scent of anything I burn in this house! So despite my urge to light any cleansing herbs I could find and whip up energetic barbeques all over the place- I mixed up a pretty darn good room spray and so far, it has been doing the trick nicely, with no risk of the books being affected (the mist is very fine and never aimed at the precious things of the shop). Here is the recipe if you fancy trying it at home:

Clary Sage Essential Oil - 11

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil - 7 Patchouli Essential Oil - 6

Sweet Orange Essential Oil - 6

Pop ingredients into a 100ml spray bottle filled with distilled (in my case, pre-bottled from Lidl) water and spritz away.

Clary Sage - for clarifying, cleansing and cleaning your space, great to use on alters too. Cedarwood Atlas - to protect your home and encourage positive energy back into your space

Patchouli - to encourage love and peace (and all that other lovely hippie stuff) great to clear the air post-row

Sweet Orange - another good cleanser but also to allow new, sweet memories to form. Good for friendship.

Use this spray anywhere you would normally smudge or anywhere that you feel has a build up of stale energy- this spray seems to be particularly effective on large rooms that are very full. I've got in the habit of spraying myself when I bet home from work too, just so I'm not bringing the debris of my day home with me. 

Particularly useful also if you have residents in the house that are not fans of the (sometimes suspicious) smell of sage and other burning herbs or are sensitive to smoke.

Happy spritzing and a very merry Ostara to all! A x

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