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Ding Dong the Fringe is gone! Weekly Reading w/c 26/08/19

WOW - Leo season hits Edinburgh like a ton of bricks throughout August and this year was no exception. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival draws to a close today as we slip into Virgo time with a sigh of relief! Here's a look at the energy of the week ahead as we all settle in to the season of remembering how much we love reading, eating actual human food and donning some exceptional knitwear...


The first part of our week is spent with a feeling of renewal, like we are all starting fresh or embarking on a new 'adventure'. There is a kind of excitement in the air, the change of the seasons or a slight inexplicable electricity. I get the impression that the last few Leo weeks highlighted the things we really excel at, so many of us are taking steps to monetize a hobby or establish expertise in a new way. Friends are a great compass and can guide you to the cliff with encouraging words and testimonials, but ultimately this week it will be up to you to take the leap!


It's time to take stock now. Many of us have been working harder than usual lately, so now we get to be dragons on top of our piles of gold/rewards for a bit. The Queen of Pentacles is a peaceful card with a deep connection to the earth. To fully rest and recuperate this week, get out of the city or town for a while, have a windy picnic or take a train to somewhere green. I'm not picking up camping vibes as such, but a few hours near a solid collection of trees will help you to press reset and should clear your head before you need to decide where to put all of those lovely physical and metaphorical investments.


Aww, all that Leo energy has subsided and passionate though it was, it didn't leave much room for romance this time. So here to wade in and save the day, is the Knight of Cups. By the end of this week we will be making efforts to reconnect with our nearest and dearest- we are about to see a huge increase in tenderness, touch and kindness. Empathy buttons at the ready, it's a week for compassion and assisting those we love too, some people felt forgotten in the chaos, it's the perfect time to remind them how much we care.


Despite the restful feel to the rest of this weekly reading, the theme of the week is the Knight of Wands- so gently or not, we are all moving forward with our plans rather than remaining stationary to fully recover. Knight of Wands often appears when travel is on the horizon, but for many of us in this case, I get the feeling that this energy is the push we need to progress with the ideas and projects hinted at by The Fool. If starting again is part of your plan, now is the time. A new moon hits this week to seal the deal-I'll write more on this nearer the time, but for now, keep those thought forms riddled with enthusiasm and heat in preparation for planting some amazing seeds in the coming weeks.

Good luck out there and enjoy that fizzy feeling out there when you get the chance! If you would like a little guidance on the next best step for you, or are feeling uninspired by your massive achievements and need a push- I am available for personal Tarot readings in Black Moon Botanica on Candlemaker Row in Edinburgh- you can book in by sending me a message on my Instagram/Facebook or by using my fancy dancey booking system on here :)

Have a magical week!

A x

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