• Amber-Lee Whitehouse


This moon is so Aries style direct that it calls for a one card read! 🔮

Hey guess what, Seven of Bats (Swords) says Are you SURE you're being authentic? Are you positive that you are being completely honest with yourself?

A little mystery is fine, encouraged even, but outright presenting as your very best self when you are suffering serves no one. 🎃🌟

This card means that if you've been plotting, lying or hiding, you're being outed any minute now. 👀 If you feel like you've been being deceived- the truth is on the way. It's a war-like moon time this one, so woe-betide us if we don't come clean before our deceptions are discovered...

Beneath that smiling mask, those eyes look strained and tired. The Seven of Bats can also be a warning shot that you are spreading yourself too thin by trying to be everything and anything that other people need. It's not possible, frank Aries Full Moon is your reality check, some of those promises were never made to be kept. We need to get those priorities in check over the next few days or it's a one way ticket to Burn Out Town 🚂🚃🚃🚃

Have fun out there and enjoy the brutal honesty!

Aries moon is my uber productive time so I'll be a busy little beaver for a bit, but you can catch me for a personal reading @blackmoonbotanica today between 1.30pm and 6pm (message me on social media to book in or pop into the shop on Candlemaker Row).

OR find me at Bizarre Bazaar @barrelhouse.edinburgh on Sunday between 1pm and 6pm (slots are filling and there are some amazing stall holders attending so you should definitely check it out!!) 🍁🍂

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