• Amber-Lee Whitehouse

Grounding and Staying Sane

Happy Sunday, everyone. We are a couple of days from a New Moon in Aries and what a sight for sore eyes that will be. I don't need to tell you that's it's wild out there just now, but I wanted to post about a few things that have found useful in dealing with the Nine of Swords energy of the last couple of weeks, in case they spark something in you too. YOGA I kid you not, I think a tiny daily yoga practice is keeping me from losing myself completely. Empath or not, it's far too easy to slip into the fear stream and be carried away. Even if I go that way throughout the day, the 30 minutes or so of body movements that I've made space to commit to and the hour or so after where my energy peaks, have been invaluable. I have found the best and most fulfilling resource to be Yoga With Adriene (@fwya). It's completely free and I'm currently working through the playlist entitiled 'Yoga for Uncertain Times'- so helpful. WRITING Journalling, researching, blogging...writing will be what gets so many creatives through the next few months emotionally. If like me, you are isolating with a partner or others, journalling daily provides the much needed brain space that's just for you. You can write anything you like in there, no one has to know, it's all yours. Researching something you like or a project you're working on keeps your brain active and blogging is just for fun really but it's useful to connect to the outside world if you so choose! CLEAR OUT Be careful with this one and open some windows, stirring up old belongings can awaken the energy around them from when they were stored. Take your time to clean your possessions and make a pile of things that you no longer need. Obviously, self-isolation is hardly the best time to toddle off to the charity shop, but instead, using the spare time to Marie Kondo the f*ck out of parts of your house can feel cathartic and give you a sense of control over an element of your own life (even if the 'to-go' pile has to sit in the hall until donations are appropriate again). PUZZLES Jigsaw puzzles for the win. Stick a podcast on or a film you've seen a thousand times and get right in to a 500 piece nature scene. I've found these to be a massively calming way to spend time when anxious and to stop repetitive thoughts on the passing of time! BEAUTIFY My Libra stellium and Taurus moon are cheerleading this one, but if you're stuck inside, make it beautiful. Try to keep at least one room under full maintenance to keep it looking gorgeous, clean and inviting. If you have time/resources, fix or paint things in the house that have needed it for a while. Clean the windows and mirrors, see how that affects the light in your home. If you are without pets or small children, a bowl of sea salt in each corner of your 'beautiful' room with some essential oil in there (I like rosemary and sage) can make a room feel energetically clear without the use of smoke (which, if you're already coughing, is never fun...). SUPPORTING Paying small amounts of money to performer friends for services, buying from self employed friends and shopping/promoting local businesses. It really helps them and can help you feel less powerless in some small way. PLANTS Plants just help all things all the time. In this case, they are our happy, green friends that will appreciate a little TLC, will actively show that appreciation by looking happier for some love and brighten our space- especially with Ostarra/ The Spring Equinox tapping at the window. READING I'm incredibly happy to have got back into reading for pleasure juuust before this wave hit, so curling up with a tea and a book has been wonderful and actually, having time to do it more has been very welcome. I am aware that I am in an UNBELIEVABLY privileged position through all this- I have a lovely flat, no dependents, no elderly relatives, a kind partner and plenty of food in the cupboards. These are just MY tips for staying sane and being grounded through a time of isolation. It is frightening for all of us and the future is incredibly uncertain, but in times like this, personal ritual and finding solace in small places can be extremely important. That is why I have shared this with you, perhaps there are things in my list you haven't thought of, or perhaps it's just good to know we're not alone. If you need some extra guidance, remember that I am still doing 30 minute and 60 minute Tarot Readings online (Skype, Face Time or WhatsApp) as well as my shiny new Audio file readings (10 mins) on WhatsApp. You can book in via my online diary or by messaging me direct on my site/on social media. Stay safe out there and be well, A xx

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