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Harvest Moon Tarot Reading - Fish and Imps!

Welcome one and all to Full Moon in Pisces- this reading doesn't need much introduction, you may have already noticed that your Spider Sense has been tingling extra hard this week with this, our most psychic of moons approaching. Here are some cards to help you navigate cooler energetic waters over the next few days.

TWO of GHOSTS This is a lovely card to see in the starting position of our week ahead because it represents, in some small way, love overcoming adversity. Whether you are 'sensitive' to energies or not, the next three days in particular are likely to feel challenging, uncomfortable or as if you are wading through waist height waves. The Two of Ghosts (cups) shows the renewal or beginning of nourishment through our close relationships with others- the bonds we form and give time to now will be the ones that stand the test of time. With the moon in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo, our instincts and ability to see the future are boosted ten fold, we just KNOW who will still be there when those visions come to pass. Find ways to feel close to your lover, a kindred spirit or some open-hearted friends and sink in to the feeling of your shoulders subtly dropping an inch or two.

FOUR of IMPS Many of us are stumbling across numerous social engagements this week and it looks like this will be a theme for the coming weeks too. Birthdays, weddings and baby showers springing up is one thing, but we are reminded that a chair needs four legs to be stable. The legs that make us stable may differ - for example - adequate sleep, alone time, hydration and nutritious food, but they all have to be present and in equal measure to make sure that the fun stays fun. If you get the chance, the happy moon in this card makes it seem like a light hearted full moon ritual might be just what the doctor ordered! I'd recommend the celebration of anything you would like to shrink or have less of, perhaps a little fire should be involved and whatever the weather, it should be done near water- have fun with it, it's a party! For the sake of your energetic resources, ensure that there is only one candle and that you are only burning one end...

STRENGTH Another card about balance and health. Prioritise things that 'feed' you and if you can, begin to shed things that don't fit quite right- I always find that I crave a good purge of old clothes, a good kitchen clear out or a few donation trips to the charity shop. Plants, books and wholesome other treats are encouraged in exchange if a reward system motivates you!This card also suggests that we remember to be present within our bodies at this time. Virgo Season is the time of the Hypochondriac so perhaps a health check up, or even just remembering to walk instead of bus somewhere to keep your movement fluid and strong.

NINE of IMPS The theme of the week is to rest or the Universe will rest you. If we attempt to power through and push against our bodies and mental health around the time of this full moon, we are more than likely to be struck down with something sickly as a way to force us to take the break we really need. Read, swim, walk, stroke a cat, stare in silence at a wall - whatever you do to relax and feel held, make sure that's how you are spending your down time. "Go placidly amid the noise and haste."

Good luck out there this week and remember, if you are in need of any extra guidance or want to take advantage of this particularly psychic time (Woo!)- you can book in a personal Tarot Reading with me at Black Moon Botanica on Candlemaker Row, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1pm-6pm. On the 20th of September, you can also book in to see me or drop in to Leith Walk Police Box where I'll be reading tarot from a TARDIS...! I'm off to touch some plants and read some books over a cheeky hot chocolate, this Libra Sun Lady knows how to rest. A x

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