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Mercury in Retrograde Tarot Survival Guide

A cracking planetary combo is already upon us with that super charged new moon, solar eclipses all over the place, the throes of Cancer season- and throughout, Mercury in Retrograde has been knocking on doors HARD. Sensitive types and non-partakers alike have been feeling the pull of this 'Shadow Period' (the ultra sexy name for the bit before and after Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky) with technology failing, electrical faults and miscommunication abound! Let's get into it with a little advice from the cards on how to approach this Mercury in Retrograde and hopefully come out of it with your friendships and hardware intact!


8 of CUPS

The Mythic Tarot deck sums this feeling perfectly-there's a big ol' celestial body, guiding your way down into your own personal underworld. This is Mercury illuminating everything that you thought you had dealt with, but this 'uber-Merc' in conjunction with the rest of the planetary disco, will take you deeper than you've been able to access alone. It's going to be a tough one for many of us, but it's important to remember that it will pass and that you are being given the opportunity to look at these old patterns (in dreams, blasts from the past or new relationships with a suddenly familiar feel) with a view to heal them or learn from them.



Gruesome? Yes. Necessary? Yes! Fun? Absolutely not. Here is a visual depiction of the difficult conversations we have heading our way this month. They are sticky and graphic but the release from every one will be palpable. Throughout all this, it is important to maintain your integrity. Try to be as honest as humanly possible, both to yourself and to the people around you. Your words can be easily misinterpreted just now so make sure you have a clear picture of what you need to say before you say it. No one wants to be the guy in a trough with swords through his heart...



I know, everyone grimaces at this statement but please BE PATIENT. The nature of these retrogrades is that everything slows to a crawl for a while. Nothing can be pushed and no one will go faster just because you want them to. To be honest, even if you master the art of good communication just now, your laptop will probably die or your phone will fall in the toilet or something... The Hanged Man is doing okay! Just hanging out, feeling stuck but waiting for that feeling to pass to allow for a change of perspective. Be like the Hanged Man.



Wrestling between your sensible, practical self and your creative, 'fun time' self- until in the middle of the Retrograde (roughly the 18th July) when you find ways to live as both. This is some sweet relief through all of that underlying tension and allows for some quality time with yourself and others in equal measure. Play more, eat well, draw something, take on another shift at work, try to stay mindful of balancing each responsible action with something stranger and vice versa.

There is a lot going on and the temptation will be to get impatient and annoyed with yourself. Mercury in Retrograde is like quicksand, the more you struggle, the further down you go. Just sit this one out and experience it if you can, the lessons will come thick and fast but gentler, at least.

Good luck out there! If you could use a helping hand with navigating the next few weeks or there is something on your mind, remember that you can book a personal Tarot reading with me online or in person. The shiny booking system is up and running and my Edinburgh based/visiting clients can see me at Black Moon Botanica on Candlemaker Row or once a month at the Leith Walk Police Box.

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