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Your Space, the Final Frontier (and how to clean it)

With a productive Aries New Moon flinging us into Spring last week (April 5th 2019) and it being a time of renewal - I have had an influx of clients and friends asking for assistance in cleansing their space. 

Sure, Marie Kondo is partly responsible for the resurgence of a minimal home trend; but the seasonal 'Spring Clean' is a traditional practice for a reason and whether you're moving house, moving things around your house or you've realised you could hire a skip for the amount of things that stopped bringing you joy 10 years ago; it's equally important to make sure you are moving and clearing the energy attached to the objects and space in your home or work place too. (I'm not sponsored or anything, she just got me through a big move myself and was a welcome retreat when the Gilmore Girls were starting to make my teeth rot).

I bring Ms Marie into this because she raises some great points in her work that can be applied with ease to become a part of your cleansing practice. For example - frightening infomercial-style spiritual music aside, when she greets and thanks the house in preparation for clearing out the unwanted items, she is presenting a prime example of 'Intention Setting'.

 Outlining to yourself, the energy in the space around you and to anything else that's listening - exactly what it is that you intend to do, is what I would call

the most important part of a cleansing process. We're all just floating out here without a brief or a user manual, once you are in the habit of describing what you want to SEE, to yourself and your surroundings, you'll be amazed by how it feels and by how many parts of your appreciate the guidance! 

There are many ways to cleanse and clear the energy of a space, 51,700,00 pages of ways if you fancy a Google, but I'd like to share some of my favourites below.

*  Smoke the Blighter Out (Smudging) I love smoked everything- cheese, butter -  even my house. With people (as ever) over-farming to get what they want, I have been trying to steer away from Old Faithful - California White Sage - it's great, but it's dying. An alternative that I've found to work well is a bundle: Garden Sage (well washed and dried to avoid that cat pee smell, trust me), Rosemary and Sweetgrass. -You want to source the fresh herbs and dehydrate them for a while in an oven on a low heat, bundle them up together and tie them securely with string or thick cotton. -Then it's time to burn baby burn - take a minute to ponder over your intentions and get them set then open as many windows as possible so the smoke and stagnant energy has somewhere to go. -Light the leafy end of your bundle and gently blow out the flame to get that sweet, sweet smoke. -Hold your smokey bundle over a small, heat proof dish and try to allow the smoke to creep into every corner, between shelves, under the kitchen table EVERYWHERE, including allowing yourself to be surrounded by it (so you're not just treading energy mud through your newly energetically hoovered space). TOP (and unsafe) TIP: When smudging, your smoke alarms may want to indulge you in a sound bath while you work...However, a shower cap fits perfectly over a smoke alarm..Just sayin'...(just make sure you take it off again when your clearing is done, we don't want any Smudging based accidents).

*  Pretty Green (Green Witchery) House plants are your friends! The joy being that they are completely designed to process and filter the air around them, what better way to perform energetic upkeep than to have some plant friends on the payroll. The more the merrier! Peace Lilies, Ivy, Rubber Plants and Pothos (Devil's Ivy) are all pretty laid back, easy to care for types that just want to do the work for you. The intention setting comes when you carefully water your plant friends, feed them or clean their leaves. 

*  Bang the Drum (Sound Clearing) Don't get me wrong, playing your favourite song super loud is a great way to shake up a space, rattle the windows and annoy your neighbors, but I have found that music or rhythm one creates oneself to be the more effective method of cleansing a space. Drums are good but bells are better - a tuning fork or just two drinking glasses that make a nice tone when chimed together are all lovely. Keep the process the same as the Smudging above (without trying to set light to your bell...obviously).

That should be enough to get your juices running clear for a while, although I would like to stress that these tips are for the purposes of 'Spring Cleaning' and general upkeep only. If you are sensing deep negativity in your home, inexplicable and unwelcome presences or anything that makes you shake in your energetic boots, please seek out someone that really knows their stuff. Feel free to get in touch with me (contact details above) for an assessment and know that if I am unable to assist, I will absolutely point you in the direction of someone is.

Be safe, be well and keep it clean, everyone!

A x

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