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Tarot Check-in for Mercury in Retrograde

It's not just you, this Mercury Retrograde is...Properly. Bananas. So I've pulled some cards to help us all to zoom through the next few days in the best way possible. Consider this a mid-week weekly reading and join me in a sigh of relief as we see that the cards seem to hold predominantly good news! I'm giving a new deck a test spin here too and: Already In Love. It's the ever-so-seventies Sheridan Douglas deck, I'm waiting on the book but I couldn't wait to give these a shuffle so here we go... 9 OF CUPS

Wish fulfillment! Huzzah! While my previous advice still stands- don't sign any contracts, take any deals or make definite agreements during this retrograde (31st October 2019-20th November 2019)- this is definitely a positive sign. The intentions that we have been thinking about over the last 2 weeks may not have come fully to fruition just yet, but it's now that we begin to see shadows of the results might be. Daydream more this week, allow yourself to fantasize about outcomes that you haven't fully explored yet- 9 of Cups is less about focusing on 'how' the good times arrive and more about inviting them to drop by! On the flip side or along side this, you may find that you are floating in a slightly dreamlike state- don't drink too much when you feel like this, you don't want to be so ungrounded that you float away. Instead, focus on eating nutritious, wintery foods to keep you anchored to the earth and your daydreams based in reality. THE STAR More focus on your deepest wishes- woohoo! If you find any joy in an artistic or creative practice, now is the time to get knee deep in your craft and enjoy it on a sensual, bodily level. Remember that not everything that enriches your life needs to be monetized or blogged - money helps with the daily act of living, but some things are sacred and if you just love painting words onto rocks or making pasta jewelry with your kids then go for it without the phone in hand this week. The Star also represents an equal exchange- the output created by the energy we put into our tasks and goals, so think carefully about where your precious energy is flowing to.

4 OF SWORDS Hands up if you saw this one coming, yep- you guessed it: REST. Tarot loves recommending rest because so few of us are resting effectively or enough. With the speed at which we are being tossed about this retrograde, it's incredibly important that our sleep patterns remain as intact as possible and that we remove ourselves from the rat race when we feel the strain. Four of Swords is mostly representative or mental fatigue so try to rest your mind - meditation, soothing music or a night in watching a gentle film will do you nothing but good. THEME OF THE WEEK: ACE OF CUPS

This phase of Mercury Retrograde seems to be a teary one, with many of us welling up over the next few days. What a (kind of) welcome release this will be for those among us with difficulty allowing tears to flow. It may not be a case of uncontrollable sobbing for days, but the pressure has been on lately with plenty of triggering and difficult conversations flying around and all of that has to come out some time- so we can allow ourselves that much.

The shape and size of our retrograde will shift after that whoosh of Ace of Cups energy and hopefully our ghosts won't look so intimidating when we are rested, purged and back on track. Ace of Cups means baths a-plenty too, I know I always big up a bathing session but water is the way forward this week and even if it's just a trip to the local pool, make sure you can get warm and wet (in all of the best ways possible).

What a week! Good luck out there and remember that I'm available for personal Tarot Readings at Black Moon Botanica on Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh or over Skype if you are far away/overseas. Check out the links in the menu for prices and booking options. A x

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