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Tarot Reading for Mercury Direct

What a month we've just had! I'll dive right in to a reading for the week, just to help us adjust into a (hopefully) much sunnier month ahead with a little more ease...

EIGHT OF CUPS (Gravel Root)

This week we start to sail into slightly calmer waters and with the party still merrily going on behind us, we can continue on our journey with a sense of completion and quiet celebration. The herb Gravel Root is commonly used in the treatment of stones in the body (kidney, gall etc) as well as painful urinary problems- on a divinitory level, this can represent assistance with allowing difficult emotions to pass through you as well as FORGIVENESS. You don't need to be a push over this week, but you will need to try to shed any lingering grudges or niggles that you've been stashing away before you can move on to the next bit fully.

SEVEN OF CUPS (Juniper Berries)

An abundance of options yaay! Finally, Mercury has stopped diddling about up there and although we have a couple of weeks spent in The Shadow Period while the world recovers, this week opens up some of the opportunities we have been gasping for over the last few weeks. It's not about choosing just yet, it's more about revelling in the choices you're presented with. Juniper berries have the obvious gin soaked celebratory overtones but Juniper is also known to be protective and useful as an incense for divination- helping you to see every path at the crossroads.

TEN OF CUPS (Marijuana)

So happy to see a sense of completion this week!! After the sensation of waiting and waiting, we finally have some projects and emptional situations coming to a close. Again the feeling that 'your work here is done' or that it is safe to bask in your achievements for a while. Marijuana , healing, sleep and creativity. Maybe now we can finally get some shut eye without being plagued by endless vivid dreams!


The theme of the week is yaaaaaaay! Sweet relief this week, if nothing else, we may feel more comfortable in our own skin and the situations we have crafted for ourselves. It's starting to feel like everything is in flow again and that we have some control over the direction is flows in, huzzah!

Have fun out there, do some gentle socialising if you can and if you need a hand sifting through your many exciting choices, you can book in with me for a personal Tarot reading! I'm working Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Black Moon Botanica on Candlemaker Row in Edinburgh throughout Edinburgh Fringe. I'm available 12-6 on Sunday 4th August and Friday 6th September at the Leith Walk Police Box. I also see clients on Skype- so many options, come and say hello!

A x

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