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Tarot Reading - Week Beginning 03/04/2019

What a lot of fun that New Moon in Gemini was, I hope it treated you well! Represented in Tarot as The Magician - this dark moon was a trickster, a well of creativity and a master of manifestation. If you haven't already had the urge, now is the perfect time to take care of some life admin. Even riding the last few waves of this moon into productive and creative Cancer moon- you may find yourself seeing the future clearer and brighter now than you have all year. Write down your ideas, sketch them out or hold meetings with your friends over a hot liquid or two - just talking about your plans right now will get the ball rolling and lead to some very exciting things!

I've whipped up a 4 card reading to take a look at the week ahead that I'd love to share with you now - give me a shout if it resonates like crazy and remember that I'm available for personal readings throughout the coming weeks in person and over Skype.

Where we came from - 10 of Wands

WHEW looks the couple of weeks leading up to where we are now have been exhausting for many of us! It hasn't necessarily been a bad kind of busy but burning the candle at every end has started to catch up with you and you don't want those blisters! Be extra kind to your immune system and pay attention to your caffeine levels just now, your body and mind will thank you for it later.

Where we are - 5 of Pentacles

After plenty of highs and lows in those busy weeks, things are a little more emotional now. If you find you are only able to focus on your grief, sadness or lack of funds, that's fine for now, but please do bear in mind that this is a temporary state. Take the time out of your schedule to really switch off, disengage some social interactions for a day or so but do it all with the strength of making plans for when you are out the other side.

Where we're heading - 2 of Swords

Lots and lots of surrendering to the moment. New moons are all about the start of a new cycle, so it's a good time to let go of resentment or to stop trying to control situations that are completely out of your hands. It is definitely easier said than done, but as a bounce-back from the time of respite you have hopefully carved out for yourself, if nothing else, try to reach out to someone you haven't seen in a long time. Water under the bridge and all that, it might help you to see things more clearly.

Theme of the week - Rejuvination

Nurture yourself! I know, I know - the 'Woo' world is chock full of fun phrases to learn and say like 'self-care' and 'me time' but really, if you can - you'll feel so much better. There is some serious planetary upheaval on the way and the more sensitive among us may be feeling the pull and dodgy communication issues already, but working on your ability to still and comfort yourself will be invaluable in the coming weeks.

Be careful out there and don't burn anything you might want later!

A xx

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