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Tarot Reading Week Beginning 10/06/19

Don't let an Amber weather warning or two get you down, U.K. dwellers! With Scotland enjoying the obligatory one day of summer today, I thought I'd take the cards for a wander to Greyfriars in Edinburgh and bring you a weekly reading from between the graveyard daisies (with love from my Inner Gothic Witch Teen). Wherever you find yourself, I hope this week treats you kindly, many of us are recovering from a myriad of changes just now so go gentle. Here's a four card read to ease you through it.

Where we came from - Page of Pentacles - Blue Flag

So hopefully, some of you managed to rest a little last week - even taking a longer bus home for a few more minutes of solitude and that seems to have pressed a tiny reset button, as this card shows us feeling inspired and ready to start something new. This feels like many of you are looking at an old situation with fresh eyes, rather than embarking on a whole new chapter, but the seed planting feels right. Blue Flag is also associated with the concept of 'letting go' on a bodily level-particularly of waste products and water retention (i.e. stagnant emotion) You are heading into this week with the intention of taking small steps now that will lead to leaps in the near future.

Where we are - Eight of Swords - Black Cohosh

Ah but just now we find ourselves trapped by our own words. Many of us may be hit with a heady dose of imposter syndrome this week or feel like we are simply unable to deliver on what we said we could do. This card is also shows the feeling of people gathering evidence to use against you later. Make sure you are playing by the rules this week and keeping everything above board because some people may be waiting for you to say the wrong thing! If you are the gatherer rather than the gatheree- sit tight for now, exposing those you think are in the wrong may incriminate you too! Black Cohosh here acts as a tool for containing emotion, anxiety and the 'heat' of the situation until your outer environment cools down a little and you can deal with things from a rational and grounded place.

Where we're heading - The High Priestess - Peony

I did see this and think PHEW - we cool off at the end of this week with some quiet reflection. Many of us will literally barricade the doors and dedicate that time to learning - with particular interest in research on those future seeds we planted earlier and how best to make the fantasies into realities.The end of this week sees us choosing work over play in a nourishing and necessary way and with all eyes on the prize!

Theme of the week - The Emperor- Atractylodes

Above all things you are in charge this week. You control how much or how little you participate in the building of you reality. You get to decide when to attack full force and when to retreat and keep safe. Of course, you always have this power, but this week it's especially relevant as I get the feeling that many of us will have people pushing boundaries so hard they are starting to crush the flowerbeds. Stand your ground when it feels right to. I hadn't heard of Atractylodes so more research needed there, so far I have taken it to be a root medicine but any thoughts you have are welcome and I will look into it more in High Priestess time this week.

Today I'm using my shiny new Herbal Tarot deck by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin , a lovely variation on the Ryder-Waite Smith, with sweet 1970s looking rendering and pretty illustrations of Herb suggestions for the energy of each card, it's keeping me busy learning and is a welcome addition to my team!

Good luck out there, don't let the weirdos grind you down and remember I'm available for bookings in person and over Skype if you need an extra Tarot flavoured hand!

A x

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