• Amber-Lee Whitehouse

Weekly Reading 17/07/2019

Here's a cheeky little three card read for the week ahead 🔮

WHEEL OF FORTUNE Ahh, that's a bit better. Some of the frantic energy of the last week or so should have dissipated by now and over the next couple of days, you may find that your luck is changing for the better. Cycles can be useful and it's important to remember that we are designed to turn from difficult situations to easier ones and back again. Don't count your chickens, but equally, try not to mercy kill them either. Your state is not permanent, we are shifting, living organisms.

EIGHT OF CUPS We still need to consciously leave behind those ancient beliefs that have been holding us back. In this deck, I see this more as the character having unloaded some of the extra weight or emotional baggage behind them and now stepping lighter into the coming dawn. Dead poetic of me, I know, but the Cups family are into it and the people affected by the energy of the Eight of Cups this week know what I'm saying 😉

QUEEN OF CUPS This card has been following me about for a while now as a reminder to feel free to wear emotions with ease. It's fine to wallow if you need to and cry if you want to, it is after all-your party. In the context of the week ahead, it seems that we may be having some energetic kick back after shedding all of those old things we KNOW we don't need, but we totally still want because they are extremely comfortable, familiar and safe. Give those ill fitting clothes to a charity shop of your choice, you've out grown them and here's your chance to make yourself some gorgeous new ones!

Have a magical week out there, good luck and if you need a hand organising your inner thrift shop piles, I'm available for personal Tarot readings this Saturday at Black Moon Botanica on Candlemaker Row.

Take care! And don't hurt chickens!

A x

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