• Amber-Lee Whitehouse

Weekly Reading 12/08/2019

In case you missed the hype, it's Leo Season. It feels kind of great, especially with the last few weeks behind us- add to that the arrival of the full moon in Aquarius on the 15th of August and it's no wonder this week's cards pack a punch!


This week we are looking to cast a critical eye over the people and processes in our life. Is everyone pulling their own emotional weight?is that company you've hired delivering everything they promised? Do you feel supported? This isn't necessarily a card for letting things die, more a card to call us to evaluate and nurture the people, projects and aspects that we deem to be worth it.


You thought you'd gotten away with it then, didn't you. Yes, this week is also time for some serious self reflection. It can't always be that everyone else is mad as a box of frogs. We need to spend some time this week almost creating an 'elevator pitch' for the way we want the next 3 months to look. We'll need to be a little strict and draw from our years of experience to really crack it, but my thought is that the results will have us feeling inspired.


We're still recovering from all of the recent changes and that's totally fine. This week will help us to regain a sense of balance after a long period of uncertainty- be that in a financial, existential or even literal sense. Pay attention to the way you juggle money this week, you'll need some of it to feed up that juicy nest egg for the next bit!


If you do the 'work' this week really will feel like the beginning of something magical. I mention nest egg deliberately, because the things you prioritize in the next few days are set to see you right for the next few months. Make a bloody mood board, light a candle, use this full moonlight to really witness the things that need changed and aligned in order for your plans to work!

Good luck, everyone! Hope this full moon treats you well, I'll be bathing every stone I own (because they need a damned good clean and because I have a soft spot for an Aqua full moon), but if you need a little guidance for this important week, you can come and see me in Black Moon Botanica on Candlemaker Row in Edinburgh Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays or book to see me online for a personal Tarot Reading!

Lots of (slightly rained on) love

A x

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