• Amber-Lee Whitehouse

Weekly Tarot Reading w/c 23/09/2018

Did anyone else blink and miss September? What a month of mad opportunities to heal and expand! Let's take a moment out of our busy schedules to have a little look at the week ahead...


Wow and the fun just doesn't stop- so much forward movement and the feeling of powering onward this week! If you're certain of the direction you are heading in, this is great news! If not, you may find that you feel confused, battered and conflicted- and all at and overwhelming pace. Do your best to ground, think plenty of baths and wholesome foods. The best idea is for us to try and harness this DO ALL OF THE THINGS energy to kick some things off our to do lists at high speeds!


Absolute abundance! This week, get list making, tell the universe exactly what you want and then forget trying to work out how you will get it. This card is all about enjoying the garden you've grown yourself and working hard to gain security. Material wealth may just appear as if by magic or your work might offer you an opportunity to grow in exactly the direction you've been looking for!


Here we are moving forward and now, purely by the light of our own inspiration! The next few days are incredibly magically potent and will be riddled with chances to pick up on signs and synchronicities. It also brings a chance for rational assessment. What really moves us? What are we working towards and why? Have we ages into the person we want to be/ the principles we expected to hold? We might have to withdraw to focus for a while, but woooah is it worth it.


The theme of the week is The Moon, of course! With a Super New Moon in Libra on the 28th, it would be hard for the moon not to chime in as an influence. The chiming in of Libra energies mean that beauty, luxury and good times with pals will be necessary to balance out all of that 8 of wands productive business. You get to be busy and keep it sexy!

Have a great week out there and remember that I'm available for personal tarot readings both online and from Black Moon Botanica, Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh. Come and say hello and let's see if we can get you clearer on where all that forward motion is taking you!

A x

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